With time, our world is becoming more dependent on the digital platform. This has made organizations more worried about the security of their network and data. There are many reports and data which prove increase in the gap of skills and cyber security.

There is scarcity of professionals in companies to manage cyber attacks which is resulting in the increase of wicked buy classy cyber attacks. All the organizations are working towards taking every potential preventive step, but the situation is out of their hand, they are unable to compete with the attackers or hackers. The best way to face this problem is hiring someone who knows everything about the hacking and manages such attacks by using ethical approaches. Ethical Hacker can find out the vulnerabilities in your network and then work towards enhancing your cyber security. 

Here are some cases which will help in understanding the level of threat by the hackers –

British Airways – for the whole 2 weeks in 2018, there was a data theft from the mobile application and website of the British Airways. Hackers swiped the financial and personal data of the clients who reserved or made alterations in the past bookings during the process of hack. The company disclosed the data affected involves – names, email address, billing address and details of bank cards used during the time of hacking. Affected transactions were around 380,000.

TicketFly – TicketFly is owned by Eventbrite located in San Francisco, is a ticket distribution company. A data breach was confirmed by the company in the year 2008. In the breach, data including name, address phone numbers and email were illegally acquired of around 27 million accounts. The breach mainly affected the venues using the digital ticketing platform throughout the entire nation.

5 reasons why you need professional hackers

  • Enhance security of your system – having a professional hacker in your organization will not only enhance security of your data but it will also limit the liability of the organization during any cyber attack. Hiring a professional hacker will represent your concern towards the security of data.
  • Keep trust of your customers – breach in security can damage the credibility of your organization in the market. A professional hacker your organization will be less vulnerable to the cyber attacks and there will be no damage to your credibility. Cyber threats are never going to stop so you need professionals to block hackers to steal your confidential data. You can keep the trust of your customers by staying ahead in the game.
  • Defensive strategy with offensive approach – a professional hacker will use the strategies and actions of the hacker to design a defensive strategy for the organization with offensive approach by identifying the vulnerabilities in the network.
  • Look into sophisticated attacks – cyber attacks are becoming highly sophisticated with time. It has become difficult to detect the activities of hackers. A professional hacker who has knowledge about the hacking can help your organization in identifying the activities of hacker and enhance the security of data and network.
  • Reduction in losses: cyber attacks can cost a lot to firms or big organizations in terms of money, brand value and credibility. These losses can only be reduced by hiring professionals to manage such attacks.